Hello, I’m Ruth and welcome to my small food company Vegelove. I am based in the seaside town of Seaford in East Sussex. I produce small batches of vegan treats, made fresh to order. I use finest quality wholefoods to create my healthy recipes.

My delicious vegan snacks are completely natural and contain no preservatives.

Eating a well balanced diet is the way to optimise your health. By unlocking the nutritional prowess of wholesome foods, you can uplift your well being and maintain active lifestyle health.

All my products are suitable for vegans and are free from refined sugars. Rich in protein packed ingredients and high in anti oxidants to increase energy and boost the immune system.

All vegan snacks are produced in a kitchen where nut and wheat products are used so may not be suitable for everyone.

I’m excited to say that my product range has been awarded the Plasticfree trustmark awarded by A Plastic Planet. The packaging I choose to use is made from a sustainable woodpulp. The bags look and behave like food grade plastic, however they are fully compostable.